Facebook Improves Analytics, Should Help Businesses Monetize

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team June 08, 2010

Facebook Gives Businesses More Data to Measure

The following is an excerpt from a blog post in Web Pro News by .

At this point, most businesses have probably come to the realization that they are missing out on some serious opportunities if they do not have a Facebook presence. Facebook is showing that it will keep growing, despite all of the recent privacy concerns capturing the media's attention, and more and more sites across the web continue to get integrated with Facebook, which means Facebook is becoming more and more integrated into people's online activity in general. While this in itself means great things for businesses, Facebook is now offering businesses new tools to better understand data around user engagement with their brands so they can take advantage of it and better monetize their Facebook presence.

One of the biggest gripes businesses have had with social media, is a lack of measurement. Clearly, Facebook is doing more to tackle this problem, and Facebook is obviously the social network that gives businesses the potential to reach the largest amount of people. Recent estimates have Facebook with close to 500 million users.

It also doesn't hurt to keep in mind that Facebook is evolving, and rapidly at that. It is already competing with Google for unique visitors (which really equates to mindshare during time spent online). Some may consider such a comparison apples and oranges, but there may be more to it than that.

Read the full blog post over at Web Pro News.

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