The Future of Google TV is...

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team June 02, 2010

The following is an excerpt from a blog post in Blog Maverick by .

Google TV is going to be very interesting. It is far from a certainty that it will be more than Apple TV in terms of consumer sales. From a first glance the Marketplace is the most important and interesting element of the announcement. As a development platform, Android creates the potential for untold unique and interesting applications that could capture users imagination. Early on, I don’t think TV oriented apps will have the most impact. If I understood the announcement, in the beginning of 2011, there will be an Android Marketplace. The money and the opportunity won’t be in TV apps. It will be in gaming and social apps. The low hanging fruit will be in taking apps that work on facebook and Iphone/Pad and moving them (if they haven’t already) to the Android platform and upsizing them to take advantage of working on a big screen.

The Google TV box could be a very cool and hopefully inexpensive gaming console. That is where the money will be.

What about TV?  The Future of TV is….. TV. But Google sure sped up the timeline today.

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