Top 7 Things You Must Know About Google's BERT Update

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team November 22, 2019
Google BERT Update

This week we dive into one of Google’s most significant changes of its Search Algorithm. The BERT Update. Even though the recurring “Big SEO Update” headline is usually intimidating, the BERT update overall is a positive step forward for content writers and the future of search. Google will now understand language more like a human and less like a robot, in short, brining us to the most important point of this article: “Don’t Change What You’re Doing”. In the past SEO updates were unclear and mysterious bringing sites down in their organic rankings at an alarming rate. Now, Google has finally found a clear solution for users and business by aiming at this goal: “Make it easier for users to search Google more naturally, and receive more relevant results based on those searches.” Click here to read more from Content Marketing Institute.


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