HELP MAG WIN $50,000!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team May 02, 2012

We are proud supporters of MAG (Mines Advisory Group), an international organization that saves lives and builds futures by removing the threat from landmines and other weapons left behind after conflict.

MAG has an incredible opportunity to win a $50,000 grant, BUT we’re competing against 29 other causes, so we need your vote to help us win. It only takes a minute and every vote puts us one step closer to making a real difference in people’s lives.

WHERE do I vote? Here is the direct link to our voting page:

WHEN do I vote? ? Now…and once EVERY DAY until June 30th.

WHY should I vote? ? With $50,000, MAG can save more lives and build more futures for communities recovering from conflict. This gift will support the life-saving work of deminers in the field, allowing them to clear more land and prevent more lives and limbs from being lost. MAG can purchase metal detectors, protective gear, and vehicles that will allow us to expand our work. This gift could help over 500 people live in safety and begin recovery.

HOW can I do MORE? ? Spread the word by forwarding this email or posting to Facebook, and asking your friends and family to vote for MAG every day too!

Thank you for supporting our cause. Let the voting begin!

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