Hey You! Government Contractor Guy!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team May 25, 2010

Uncle Sam wants you! 
(To be found)

How does the government find vendors? GSA schedule? Maybe sometimes, but the government and all its agencies mostly rely on Google! It saves a lot of time. They can always Google a term like: “IT Support GSA Schedule” or “Defense Contractors on the XYZ Schedule.”  Using schedules is a headache, and the government always needs to find multiple qualified vendors for their contracts and bidding process.

Make sure you are the one they consider! Don’t rely on :

  • The Government to find you.
  • Limited connections to keep you in front of all the opportunities you will have to sell to various agencies.

Make sure your site is impressive and easily found in your market niche. And by the way, did you know Google has a special government only search tool?

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