Hot Topic: Heat Maps! What They Tell You About Your Website Experience

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team November 09, 2017

Assessing your website traffic is analytical process driven by numbers and visitor behavior. How many people are clicking a certain page? How much time are people spending on my page? These are all great measures of your website’s performance; however, did you ever stop and think about their clicking behavior? This is where heat maps come in.

What are Heat Maps?

Heat Maps are a visual representation of your site’s engagement. Heat Maps represent where your website’s visitors looking, clicking, and the frequency of their clicks.

Why are Heat Maps Important?

Heat Maps distinguish where your website retains the attention of your visitors and areas for improvement. Ultimately, heatmaps are the key to building a perfect user-centric website. It tells you what areas on your website are connecting with user goals and those that are not. Ultimately it lets you maximize the engagement level of your visitors and increase conversions.  

ImageWorks Creative Approach

Here at ImageWorks Creative, we have developed ImageWorks Insights, a marketing analytical platform utilized to track all marketing activities including the behavior of your website’s visitors from analyzing heat map interaction. Through Insights we will be able correct areas of your website that are performing poorly and maximize your strengths!

  • All ImageWorks client that have SEO services get a homepage heat map tracking included at no extra cost. This is an important page, but only part of the story.​

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