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How to market your business in 2007

Posted by Scott June 1, 2005

UPDATED! Originally written 8/05

In 2007 and with the web being used more now than ever, it is critical to create a strong web presence that initiates a sales process. What does that mean? It means you need to get your prospects so interested in what your saying that they eagerly anticipate the next step in learning more about doing business with you.

You don't need to "sell" them necessarily, but you need to know what they want, and who they are. Here's is a short list of media IWS recommends for marketing in 2007. These of course change with each business type:

  • A clear home page message that communicates a benefit of your products/services and easily allows them to explore the next steps.
  • A powerful leave behind brochure, pocket folder or both to brand your message and allow prospects to see how much you care about your image...this will let them know that you likely will also care in delivering their products and services. We especially like a folder that serves as a brochure...see our portfolio for samples.
  • If applicable, schedule to attend and display your image at 3-5 Trade Shows per year that your prospects and customers will likely visit. This is a good way to brand your message and generate interest in your products and services.
  • A well designed identity for your collateral. The most used piece of media next to the web is the business card...make it count. Make sure it gets across a valuable customer-centric message.
  • A creative direct mail piece, as simple as a postcard. Postcards get read more than any other direct mail product. Creative versions of postcards/mailers with a fold out, etc. score even higher responses. The goal here is for the prospect to be able to absorb the message, while the casually review their mail. Think about it, when's the last time you were super focused sifting through your mail? Probably never. Your message needs to jump out and grab their attention and give them a reason to contact you.
  • Innovative print ads in targeted media. We love print adverting for 2007...but consult with IWS to make sure you are in the right media and that your ad delivers a message that will initiate a response. A well written and designed ad can increase your response rate x20 or more!
  • Internet Marketing - A key objective in 2007 for most business. Your efforts are best suited in SEO (search engine optimization) and in getting to the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN under terms relative to your customers search phrases. Pay per click adverting in Google, Yahoo and other major web sites is also an affordable way to generate traffic and leads.
  • Calls to action... throughout all media tha exposes your brand. Invite your prospects to request a meeting or a proposal...or to sign up for a informative newsletter, BLOG etc.! Ask and they shall come.
  • BLOG and PR -- Using a Blog serves two purposes, free PR that is moderated and indexed by HUGE BLOG engines by topic and available for all media, and as a method to communicate benefits and news to your customer base.

There are many other great ways to promote your business, these are just a few ideas that we really like for 2007. To discuss a full range of marketing/advertising options visit our web site our call us at 703 968-6767

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