How to Tailor your Landing Page

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team September 06, 2011

Landing pages are used for lead captures, promotions, specials, events, webinars, etc. They allow you to measurably increase the ROI of your advertising campaigns and web traffic, and also test offers and measure results within a specified environment. These pages are essential for most brands.

You may find some marketers who want to use a prescriptive, one-size-fits all approach; however, this is not a solution for businesses that a need soft-sell approach. PeterD uses Apple as an example. This brand fosters a sense of elitism. Positioning comes from understanding that customers aren’t buying on features, price or flexibility—they’re buying into the desire to belong to something “cool.” This group of customers would not respond to a hard-sell pitch.

For an effective landing page, you must consider three things: audience, messaging and design.

You must know your audience and how they perceive themselves. It is important to obtain an outsider’s perspective (such as an award winning marketing and online branding agency) in order to mesh your customers’ attitude with your product or service and messaging.

The messaging must also be tailored to how the customer may want to buy. Landing pages are a form of direct marketing, so you need to be careful how you are pitching the customer. It is important to include appropriate calls-to-action and not push too hard if that is not what the customer is expecting.

Lastly, we have the design, which should reflect the values your audience perceives about your product or service. Because we are a visual culture, it is important to stick with the standards that we are accustomed to (buttons on the right side, CTAs at the bottom, etc.).

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