How to Tell Your Brand’s Story on Social Media

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team April 29, 2016

Today we have a guest post and infographic by Matt Banner. 

Creating a killer Facebook or LinkedIn page is a huge part of spreading your presence online, but where do you go from there? The next step is telling your brand’s story. You need to bring customers to your brand, help them connect, and keep them engaged.

Today I’ll show you three ways you can tell your story on social media, and then I’ll show you an amazing cheat sheet infographic that unlocks the secrets of social media for all to see.

3 Tips For Telling Your Story on Social Media

In today’s super competitive social media market, a quote by Ira Glass is more true than ever:

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.”

Let’s look at three ways you can tell your story:

1. Put a Face to the Name

Your brand isn’t about a logo or a fancy slogan. Your brand is about people, so don’t be afraid to show them! Post photos of your team members from the top of the corporate ladder, all the way to the bottom. These photos breathe life into your brand and elevate it past a boring and lifeless logo.

2.  Use Facebook’s Timeline

The Facebook timeline is a perfect way to set up your page like a story. When you’re posting on your page, click on the “status” button to define your posts as a status, offer, event, or milestone. This will let you highlight major moments in your company’s history and put them in the spotlight going forward.

3. Content Curation

This is the practice of sharing relevant content with your followers. It doesn’t have to be your own either, you should include great posts from others in your industry to benefit both them and your readers. This keeps your readers engaged as you work on your content.

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