How to use videos to communicate core messages and increase conversions

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team January 02, 2013

85%.  According to Comscore, that’s the percentage of internet users who spend time watching videos online.  Invodo tells us that it also reflects how much more likely consumers are to buy a product after watching related videos.  

A tremendous number of people – many of them your potential clients – would describe themselves as visual learners.  These individuals, and a multitude of others who are simply trying to absorb as much content as possible while shopping or relaxing online, turn to Infographics, videos, and other images for the information they want and need.  In a fast-paced digital world, alluring pictures and videos are just the ticket to brand recognition, especially among the internet’s younger users.
Nearly half of all web users say that they decide whether a website is credible – or not – based on its appearance.  Even so, maintaining a modern, custom website is only half the battle.  Engaging your audience is critical, and short videos can create the sort of engagement that drives the sales you need to succeed.  Posting a video that helps clarify what you do or educates your customers on an already attractive webpage can increase customer confidence, inspire visitors to act on a conversion goal, or promote sharing among popular social networks like Facebook. LinkedIn and Twitter.  

Videos help to build awareness, but they also create a personal connection between marketers and their audiences.  If you can publish a video that provides information about your product and services in a helpful or inviting manner, consumers will remember your company when they get ready to make a purchase.  

Remember, your video doesn’t need to go viral in order to get a message out to your target audience.  A well done, informative video will drive sales whether it becomes a YouTube sensation or not.  Enhance your reputation, inform customers' buying decisions, and make a positive impression on your site's visitors.

Traditional webmaster wisdom says, “Content is king.”  Make sure you aren’t overlooking image and video content as you strive for success on an increasingly fast-paced internet.   

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