HTML5 Animations: Cool Add-Ons to Engage Your Visitors

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team July 07, 2015

Animations are everywhere these days. They help key content stand out and draw the eye to different areas of your webpage. We recommend using animations when you have important things to feature, or if you really want to add the “WOW” factor to your site. There are many types of animations: timed, slideshows, Y-axis (on scroll), activated on click, permanently “on”, and so many more.

You can see some cool animations all over our site. We even have a page of common animation “styles” and effects that can be customized for your business. Many animations are used for conversions by getting a user’s attention and allowing the user to focus on a specific goal. Most animations require custom illustrations, as retreading stock imagery can devalue your brand image. That said we often alter and customize the heck out of stock imagery to make it unique, and even mix it with illustrations and movement.

All animations are billed hourly: they’re all so unique, there’s no way to know how long each will take. We recommend at least 10-20 hours of animations to customers who want to make their site unique, engaging, and memorable.


Talk to us about using animation on your site.

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