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ImageWorks Features: BonAero's New Website!

Posted by Prajina August 7, 2018
BonAero Homepage Screenshot

IWC is proud to feature BonAero, a company that manages logistics for aerospace and defense companies. We recently launched their website, complete with a great logo design, unique subpages, and great content creation! Not to toot our own horn, but we think it’s pretty neat and wanted to share it with you.

We styled the logo to reflect the logo design of Boneal, its parent company (which we also designed!).

BonAero logo vs Boneal logo

Here’s the homepage design!  You can see that the hero banner at the top features a short looping video we’ve put together highlighting scenes that are important to BonAero and its customers.

Next, here are some pictures of subpage designs we particularly enjoyed creating.

Here is their contact page, which uses nice, clean design techniques and includes all the information a prospective customer would need.

Here is a graphic we enjoyed creating. It uses bold colors to draw attention to itself and provides information in short little bites.

Here is the upper portion of the “What is T-3PL?” page.  We love the graphic and copy written here.

Here’s the bottom portion of that same page:

Each box changes color when you scroll over it, providing more information about each benefit to the customer.

There are so many more aspects to this website we love, but we can’t mention them all here! If you’d like, check them out through this link: BonAero Website.

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