ImageWorks Goes Platinum

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team May 13, 2014

It’s been a big month at ImageWorks! We recently launched our new site, complete with HTML5 animations, parallax design affects, and our new brand heroes (we call them Hipsters). We released a few new blog entries (we’re especially proud of this one), and we’re getting ready for FOCUS: architecture+design to begin construction on our newly designed office space. We’re not just a client of FOCUS; they’re a client of ours! We in turn redesigned their brand assets with a new logo, beautiful website, and on-point marketing strategies.

But that’s not all!

As we mentioned briefly in March, our online marketing team was named one of the “best in search” by TopSEOs, and that was just the start to a very exciting awards season. Our clients have been cleaning up across digital and print categories!

Heart+Mind Strategies won an Interactive Media Award for outstanding achievement, while Capitol Shine, a local (and awesome) car detailing business, won an Outstanding Achievement Award. The Outstanding Achievement Awards are the 2nd highest honor given in the Interactive Media Awards. We missed 1st by only 7pts! Out of 600!

The ImageWorks Creative team and our amazing clients went on to win several Hermes Awards, presented by the Association of Marketing and Development Professionals. Capitol Shine and Old Bust Head Brewing Company (we recommend the Wildcat IPA) both won Honorable Mention. Our work for SourceOne, a California-based small business payroll and human resources provider, took home the gold. 

And not to be outdone, our new ImageWorks Creative site went platinum – hipsters and all! Our own site is like a beta test for all the ideas, trends, and strategies we recommend to clients. Only 14 sites took a platinum award worldwide!

Are you ready?

It’s not an easy feat to create award-winning websites, and yet that’s what we aim to do for every single one of our clients. It takes time, proper budgets and a lot of collaboration to get results. In the end, it’s all about growing our clients’ businesses. Our agency thrives on the established trust and long term relationships we build.

Is your team ready for a great website? An immersive brand experience? Off-the-charts conversion stats? Ditch the old site and set a budget that allows you to hire the best. Set up a meeting with our web design team, and we’ll help you go platinum, too!

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