Imageworks Insights is getting more INSIGHTFUL!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team February 21, 2020
Image of circle chart showing marketing statistics

One of the amazing tools Imageworks offers our clients is our online portal and marketing platform: Imageworks Insights. Insights helps us track SEO Performance, manage PPC and advertising campaigns, and view heat maps of client website(s) to determine high-traffic areas.

One of the latest additions is a Sales & Marketing Google Sheet that ties in sales acquisition methods and marketing to-dos & content types into one easy-to-review document. This new tool was made to help our clients better understand the data Insights gathers and reports.

In the Sales & Marketing Google Sheet, our clients will have access, such as customer journeys, downloadable guides and white papers, blogging plans, ads management, etc. This is a GREAT time to discuss and add these items to your marketing plan - we even have a $250 off special through March 31 for any annual plan added!

Collecting data on audience outreach in all its forms is an invaluable source of information. It lets you know which tactics are working vs not and all the different ways to better your business. Don’t let the numbers be intimidating, they’re insightful.  

By Scott Margenau & Jordan Latham, Imageworks Creative



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