ImageWorks releases CMS! (Content Management System)

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team July 10, 2005

ImageWorks has created an easy to use CMS to allow our clients to easily edit all their pages, images, buttons, add pages, content, etc. The product is built with open source technology and is then customized for each client. The product only requires about 1-2 hours of training to fully understand and use the CMS which makes edits as simple as a WORD doc. IWS CMS requires your site and CMS be hosted at ImageWorks unless prior arrangements have been made, so that we can properly support and manage the process. The IWS CMS solution has a one time build cost for new sites, and a rebuild cost for finished sites, to allow the site to be re-written using the CMS. These fees range from $900-$3,500 deepening on the complexity of the site. A small monthly fee allows us to host this application on our Raid 5 server and provide monthly support. To learn more call us at 703 968-6767 ext 23 or visit or email us at [email protected]

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