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[Infographic] Overwhelmed by SEO? Here's How to Start

According to a study done by Weebly, 98% of online entrepreneurs think that getting found on Google is important. However, 45% don’t even know what SEO means. (If you’re one of those 45% by the way, SEO stands for search engine optimization.)

Even if you already knew what SEO stands for, you probably understand the difficulty of planning and executing a good SEO strategy. There are so many different topics you need to think about, from website design to internal linking and even image sizing. It’s tough to know where to begin crafting an SEO strategy that suits your business and doesn’t give you a headache!

Our advice is this: Begin the SEO journey by identifying specific keywords to focus on.

What keywords do you want your website to appear in searches for?

To help you at the starting point, Totheweb has put together a detailed infographic that will help you choose the best keywords for your business. Here it is!

Let us know in the comments if that was helpful for you!

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