Invasion of the ImageWorks "Hipsters"

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team May 26, 2015

They’re popping up all over our website! These cheeky hipsters are eager to learn more about web design, branding, user-experience, and how to market and grow their businesses. Flawlessly cool and endlessly social, the ImageWorks Hipsters add a dash of interactive fun to our fully responsive, new website.

Check out a few of our favorites and guess which are styled after actual employees!

As you scroll through our site, you'll see our little friends peppering many pages. We hope you enjoy them as much as we've enjoyed bringing them to life!

Does your site need a little something special? Our hipsters are precious to us, but we love creating similar mascots and brand ambassadors for other businesses, too! Send us a note and we'll get started on yours right away!

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