Key Search Ranking Factors for 2013

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team November 05, 2013

Clients ask me all the time, “What exactly do you guys do to build up our search rankings?” I usually reply with, "How much time do you have? Better grab a Snickers!"

There are literally THOUSANDS of lines in the Google Algorithm, and thousands more that deal specifically with external links. So what do we do? We evaluate a select list of ranking factors that are most likely to achieve results ... and those factors change daily. Then we dig in and get to work on improving our clients website rankings. Our job, simplified, is to:

  • Increase the Domain Rank. This is the importance of your domain in your marketplace, usually ranks from 1-10.
  • Increase Page Rank. This is similar to Domain Rank but considers only a certain web page. Ironically, Page Rank was named after Google’s founder Larry Page. Also a 1-10 Scale.
  • Increase Ranking for Chosen & Related Keywords. This is the end goal: that your site will show up in the top of the results when customers look for products and services like yours.

If anyone wants to know HOW GOOGLE REALLY RANKS your site - the results are in, fresh for year-end 2013!  It's fascinating to see the role social media plays! The key take away? In the end, you have to publish relevant and sharable content in order to succeed at SEO. Enjoy! Search Ranking Factors for 2013


by , founder of ImageWorks Creative.

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