Marketing in a Recession

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team January 12, 2009

The battle of marketing in a down economy: Flee for the hills, or charge the hill? 

In uncertain economic times, you can choose to retreat or you can choose to prepare for what's ahead.  When the economy turns around, those who are prepared and ready their marketing arsenal will leap from competitors and gobble up market share abandoned by the feeble. The others?  Well, better polish up your resume.  The time is now to invest in your brand.  In our experience, it takes time and a lot of creative insight to perform the work necessary to revitalize and position a brand for increased success.

Take a hard look at your brand identity, website design, online and offline media, current marketing strategies. Are they working like a well-oiled machine? Is your brand highly visible to your marketplace? Does it intrigue prospects and build value while guiding them to a conversion goal? This is an excellent time to build your business and increase your marketshare…while the competitors run for the hills or wave the white flag of surrender. Most companies expect sales to decline in a down economy and while that may be true for the short run, if you continue to market your brand as your competitors die off, the long term prospects are good. Are you going to wait until the economy turns around?  Oops, better not.  It'll be too late.  Forward-thinking companies – which may include your competitors – are not waiting around.  They are investing in their brands and positioning themselves for the future.  Don't wait until it's too late.  Start the work now that will be necessary to position your company to thrive in any economy.

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