Meet your branding goals and avoid a “Marketing Hangover”!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team July 07, 2006

We Have the Cure for Your Marketing Hang-Over! Not that kind of hangover! And the hyphen is intended. We mean a marketing hang (pause) over. Marketing goals, ideas, and promises that have “hung over” from last year’s objectives, or even the year before! You may have vowed to address your marketing concerns and goals, and maybe you have, but you’re still not completely satisfied. You need a more compelling image, one that’s driven to fulfill a sales procurement cycle and designed to build revenue. It’s time to act! Many business owners and marketing managers see marketing as an expense; however, that’s an oversimplification. Sure, marketing’s an expense. But it’s also an investment that can pay huge dividends. Done properly, marketing will earn, many times over, the costs associated with it. By how much can we increase your business? All businesses are different, as are their target markets and profit ranges. For some companies a 2 percent growth would mean millions, for others it wouldn’t justify the increased overhead. One thing we know we can do is attract more qualified customers, get them more interested, and get them to respond more often. Here’s our 2006 TOP RATED marketing media:

  1. Web site redesign—clear, benefit oriented, easy to navigate, and matching your customers’ buying habits to your sales process.
  2. Interactive Presentations - via the web, email, meetings, net meetings, etc. the ability to display a message using time lined animations, graphics and text is a powerful tool.
  3. Search engine positioning—hand in hand with web marketing, because the Web is how your customers will find you.
  4. Trade shows—the hottest way to get in front of a large number of targeted prospects for a fair value.
  5. Print ads—still perfect for target markets utilizing print media.
  6. Leave-behinds and presentation collateral—more direct, more persuasive print media that more closely emulates the online experience, offline.
  7. Logo and stationery design or enhancement—with a standards manual to streamline all branding efforts. On the decline:
  1. TV—has it convinced you to buy anything recently? For the small- or medium-sized company, it’s simply too costly for the rewards.
  2. Radio—we don’t like the odds…yet. In the future? Maybe satellite radio.
  3. Direct mail—with less than .07 percent response, this marketing technique should only be used for small, targeted lists.

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