In The Midst Of Noise, You Can Generate Demand

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team November 07, 2018

As marketers, we know better than anyone just how noisy our marketplace truly is. We are fighting for the attention of our customers through thought-provoking content, never before seen advertising, and brilliant campaigns that makes the competition look bleak.

Marketers are given less time and opportunity to work their magic and must not only be cleaver but nimble in doing so.

"Marketers make markets. It is the core of what we do. When we truly excel at our jobs, we create demand where little or none existed," Robert Rose reveals in his article Are You Generating Demand or Just Identifying It?

Robert explains the difference between creating demand and identifying demand. He helps his readers see which side of the coin they should want to be on. Take a read and see where you land.

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