New Rules for Branding in a Digital World

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team February 14, 2013

In the early days of advertising, consistency was critical for brands that had their sights set on becoming household names.  Maintaining the same colors, logos, and styles in all of their ads was the best way for them to become recognizable and engage customers in a world that was almost exclusively print-based.

Today, advertisements are thrown at us from all sides.  They’re on television and radio, in magazines and newspapers, on our computers, and even on our mobile phones.  Consistency is no longer a driving force behind solid branding.  Success depends on a company’s ability to catch the customer’s eye and relate to him or her in a multifaceted way.  The first rule of advertising is no longer “be consistent” but instead, “be interesting” or at the very least, “don’t be boring”!  

Consider the Medium

Ad executives of yesteryear were dependent on visuals, and eye-catching displays are still relevant today.  However, our opportunities go much further now.  We have a multitude of advertising options, and what works in one medium may fail in another.  What’s more, we live in an increasingly connected society, so it makes sense for our television commercials to include a call to action asking customers to check out the brand’s website or join them on Facebook.  Using one medium to promote deeper connections is a great way to keep people interested.  

Interact and Engage

Customers not only want to see the brands they love – they want to interact with them as well.  The internet has made it possible for companies to connect instantly with their clients, drawing them in to a discussion, asking them to share exciting news with their friends and followers, offering contests and polls, and giving the customer an overall sense of belonging within a community.  A successful brand will encourage this desire for interaction by providing many opportunities for customers to connect.  

Have Fun

Today’s most remarkable brands are playful.  They’re timely and humorous, and they’re always ready to try something new.  It’s not enough to have a pretty logo or a handsome website.  Customers have the world at their fingertips in the form of smartphones and tablets, so if you want to hold their attention, you need to be smart, funny, and relevant.  Branding today means adapting to change, and doing it quickly.  

For more information about setting your brand free from traditional advertising boundaries, check out this excellent article by Jose Martinez Salmeron or request a meeting to learn how ImageWorks can overhaul your brand strategy. 

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