Organic Search Accounts for 94% of Clicks

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team June 25, 2013

A new infographic focused on search behavior in the United Kingdom illustrates some interesting insights into the ways people are using Google today.  

One noteworthy bit of data shows that PPC advertising accounts for only 6% of the total clicks in Google search results.  While women and older people are more likely to click on paid ads, the vast majority of searchers gravitate toward organic search results.  This research reminds us once again how important good search engine optimization can be.  Whether you hire an online marketing firm to optimize your site or instead choose to go it alone, neglecting to perform SEO for your website will cost you in clicks and conversions.

However, when it comes to some big categories like news and current events, home and garden, and computer products, being in the top three search positions isn't crucial.  Searchers are more likely to dig past these results in their quest for information and shopping.

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