The Problem with Local Search Marketing

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team September 29, 2014

In many local areas, especially in the Northern Virginia / DC Metro area, your business will need to reach a large service area, including many cities, towns, neighborhoods, counties etc. Yet your physical location may only be in one of these areas, or perhaps in just a few. How can you rank in areas where you don’t have an office? It’s tough! See, Google places a LOT of emphasis on your location and on numerous other factors, such as the number of citations and referrals to your site that match local indicators.

Alas, we have a Solution: 

There is no shortcut. You can’t fill in a magic form; hire an offshore spammer and show up for relevant keywords in all the areas you want to be found. Google is way too complex for that. BUT you can build up a legitimate presence in all the areas you want to reach by creating and maintaining local seo landing pages

How it Works & What You Get:

We plan, design and build a local web page for each city you want to rank in. Each of these pages is custom designed and has a focus on the community where we are trying to rank. Here’s what we do for each local seo landing page:

  • Determine the best target keywords using our proven process
  • Design the graphics that will make up your new local page to match your brand
  • Code this page into your CMS and test in various browsers
  • Add local widgets, like weather or news, if applicable
  • Optimize your headlines and content for local keywords
  • Install a blog to keep fresh relevant content and promote services
  • Update the blog each month with a new article or special that also ties in local keywords
  • Promote page to local directories and citation sites
  • Local Press Release
  • Monthly analysis and reporting

The monthly subscription is $200-300 per month (Pending amount of cities chosen)  for one year for each city which covers your on page optimization, blogging, link and citation site building, local promotion, content updates and more! There is a 15% discount for a 2 year commitment.


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