Redesign vs. Realign

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team June 01, 2010

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It’s been nearly five years now since the redesign vs. realign debate began.

Many designers are still approaching website changes as redesigns, with little thought to whether they should be redesigning or realigning the site for their clients.

Understanding the difference between redesigning and realigning can result in happier clients who are better at reaching their website goals.

There are times when redesigns are appropriate, and there are other times when realignments are appropriate. It all depends on how the client’s current site is working for them, and what their goals are.

During the discovery portion of a project, you, as the designer, need to determine whether the client is looking for a redesign or a realignment.

The client will often be unfamiliar with the term “realignment”, and in all honesty, there’s no reason to educate them about it. But you need to know in your head which type of project you’re embarking on.

If major changes to functionality, structure or content are necessary, then you’re looking at a realignment. On the other hand, if all the client wants is an updated look, then it’s probably a redesign. Again, it’s your job as the designer to determine which type of project the client needs.

Remember, whether you’re doing a redesign or a realignment, make sure you back up the original site as well as make regular backups throughout the project so you can rollback if necessary.

Read on to find out more about the differences between redesigning and realigning, and how to determine which one fits your current and future projects at Web Designer Depot.

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