Sending Birthday Wishes from Chantilly VA to Indonesia!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team May 19, 2015

We posted recently about the child ImageWorks is sponsoring in Indonesia. Agris' birthday is coming up, and we've received some short updates from about his progress. We know that he likes ball games and has a pet chicken, and we're hoping that we'll get to see some new pictures of him participating in activities with Compassion soon!

This month, our designers created an Agris hipster to match the icons we have for ourselves. Welcome to the team, Agris!

We'll be sending a small care package of birthday gifts to Indonesia in time for his celebration. Unfortunately, we're limited by the organization's rules about what we can send, but flat items like coloring books and stickers are welcome. We hope that Agris will feel special knowing that across the world near Washington D.C., a whole bunch of us are thinking good thoughts and praying for him as he celebrates one more journey around the sun!

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