Smartphones Dominate - What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team January 06, 2015

(A guest post and infographic by Owen Andrew).

Smartphones are changing our personal lives and the way we do business alike. In fact, these two phenomena are closely intertwined--as consumers spend more and more time on their smartphones, catering to these consumers requires knowledge of a smartphone-influenced audience. This is why understanding the current mobile market is vital to a successful business.

Shop from Anywhere and Everywhere

Modern consumers are often strapped for time, and smartphones afford them the convenience of shopping from anywhere and everywhere. Business sector has enhanced this luxury further by introducing apps and to popularize the app-usage, few retailers offer exciting discounts as well. A Nielsen Study revealed that an astounding 45% of the online sales are actually made through smartphones, and in financial terms, it means a whooping $991 million.

Reaching Out to a New Customer Segment

Online Businesses are increasingly targeting smartphone users and they are trying to expand their customer share as well. Brands launch new products based on analytics and trends and increasingly, they are using the smartphone data as well, to gauge the response to a product. Numerous in-store technologies such as RFID, point of sale software and credit card processingare also being optimized for mobile use.

Email Marketing

It is a known fact that smartphone users skim over their email rather than reading it in its entirety. However, the important point to note is that the message is going through to the intended person of interest. Hence, with smartphone usage at its peak, businesses ought to engage in email marketing, as it is a powerful and important tool for your business.

Financial Viability

Average order prices for smartphones are greater than the average order price from a desktop, a recently concluded consumer study suggests.

This clearly implies that people love to shop from their smartphones and don't shy away from ordering high-value items. Hence, it is imperative for the business owners to cater to this sector in the best possible way and create a top-notch shopping experience for them. To do so, some customize their websites for smartphone and tablet usage, while others create apps for iOS and Android platforms and offer a customized shopping experience for the user.

The Phenomenal Growth Opportunity

Mobile traffic in 2011 was an astonishing eight times over the actual internet traffic at the start of the century. In just over a decade, the mobile traffic has grown at an overwhelming rate and businesses ought to use it to their advantage. Smartphone users want to access their emails, social media profiles, indulge in retail therapy and even banking through their smartphones.

Going by the sheer numbers smartphones are set to outnumber every other means of accessing information, socializing and even conducting business online.

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