The State of Marketing from the World's Marketing Leaders

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team March 06, 2019

Salesforce has released a new report on the “State of Marketing”. Backed by data pulled from over 4,100 marketing leaders around the world, Salesforce breaks down the problems that marketers and advertisers face in a new age of high user expectations and how to structure a strategy to keep up with the world’s best marketers.

The report covers these main subjects:

Marketing Becoming the Cross Functional Glue of Customer Experiences

Customer Experience is becoming the foundation of marketing. CX will be more important that product and price entering 2020. Analyzing customer demands and behaviours is paramount in order to put your team in a position to efficiently utilize marketing tools, plan out personalized customer journeys, and ultimately execute on your marketing efforts.

New Realities up The Ante for Data Unification

The median number of data sources used by marketers has jumped from 12-15 since 2018. Marketers continue to link their resources together by using more second party data in order to extend their audience and utilize marketing tools to track behaviours, interests, and habits.

AI & Trust Underpin Customer Experiences

Marketers adoption of AI has grown at a rate of 44% since 2017. AI is taking data-driven marketing sophistication to an unprecedented level to the point where we are having trouble defining the line between personalization and privacy.

Marketers Strive for Real-Time Engagement Across Channels.

Real time engagements across the customer journey are marketers top priority but also their biggest challenge. Only 28% of marketers are completely satisfied with their ability to engage customers across channels at scale.

Download the full report here!


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