How the ImageWorks Creative Team Disconnects From Work

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team August 12, 2020
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In a well-run operation, everyone on your team has something to tackle. As a compact, agile team, everyone at ImageWorks Creative is used to wearing a few hats and juggling multiple deadlines. Because of this, we also know the importance of taking the time to unwind after the workday is done. If you’re finding yourself in need of a break, consider trying one of these suggestions from our team!

How to Relax the ImageWorks Way

Scott Margenau, CEO & Founder

Unlike other, larger companies, our CEO is directly involved in each of our projects. Though, that does mean he has a lot to disconnect from when it’s time to clock out. Scott does this by first grabbing a pre-dinner snack (or even a craft beer!) and planning out some time to handle his household chores and work outs. He finds his snack helps signal the end of the day while allowing him to remain personally productive as he plans out the rest of his night.

Jordan, Marketing Assistant

An avid reader, our Marketing Assistant, Jordan, likes to relax with a good book. She’s been fascinated by stories since she was little and enjoys being able to immerse herself in a new reality, away from work. Jordan also enjoys reading as a way to relax as it forces her to slow down and spend time away from her screens.

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Brandon, Web Developer

ImageWorks Creative’s Web Developer says video games are his preferred way to unwind. Brandon’s time at home this year has been spent playing Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or whatever else he can get his hands on. He says, with the advanced graphics common in today’s games, it can feel like escaping to another world. While he enjoys being able to space out and pick up from where he left off, Brandon also enjoys getting to chat with friends through multiplayer games.

Paul, Project Manager

As if being our resident problem-solver wasn’t enough, our Project Manager’s preferred way to kick back is by completing puzzles. Paul likes puzzles as they help him to zone out and focus on something other than work.

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Jillian, Graphic Designer

At the end of a long day, Jillian, our graphic designer, enjoys exercising and going for a long walk around her neighborhood. For Jillian, this regular exercise is not only a way to reduce stress, but also a way to take care of her physical and mental health.

The world of web design, UX, and marketing is a hectic one. Being able to disconnect is vital to remaining engaged and productive while at work. These are just how our team members like to unwind, but everyone finds different ways to relax and we encourage you to find yours!

By Jordan Latham

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