Understanding Important Search Ranking Factors

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team November 06, 2014

Every year, our favorite SEO research tool, Moz.com, surveys hundreds of search engine optimization professionals to get a sense of how they're handling Google's algorithm updates. While the survey isn't collecting factual data on what works and what doesn't, it's a good way to see what reputable SEOs are doing (and avoiding). 

As we've mentioned before, there are thousands of factors that go into ranking a website for important search terms. That's why SEO is such a huge task for businesses to take on independently. Unless you have countless hours to devote to research, perform A/B testing, optimize and re-optimize (and then stay on top of the latest trends to make sure that you're follow best practices), outsourcing your search optimization to an experienced local firm is the best way to get results.

Below, take a look at what professional SEOs reported on this year's Moz survey. This is a quick look at some of the factors we're considering, and how much importance we're placing on each of them. Click on the image to read more about the survey, and prepare to be overwhelmed!

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