Website Grader

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team January 06, 2009

The good folks at Hubspot have an excellent tool to actually "grade" your web site. The tool measures how effective your site is in your industry and the general “webosphere”. Not only does it look at the physical coding of your site it also ranks your marketing efforts, your position in your industry, your competitors, your inbound marketing efforts, your blog ranking, your traffic ranking, your SEO, your linking, and numerous other highly relevant factors.

Best of all its free! Simply log into and enter your domain.

This bring up a another serious consideration if you have not hired to create or rejuvenate your online brand. How do other firms you may be considering stack up on their own grade? How can they possibly help you if they are not amongst the elite themselves? Would you hire a lawyer who got a "C" on his LSATS? Well No! They wouldn't pas the bar! There are many good custom web design companies out there...but make sure you hire a firm with a score of at least 80. This shows they know what they are doing.

ImageWorks Studio has one of the highest website grades out there, a 99.1/100. Feel free to call us or request a quote from our site at, we are happy to help and will even give you a honest and insightful review of your current site at no charge!

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