What Does Apple's New iPhone Teach Us About Small Business Marketing?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team February 07, 2013

One word. Evolve.

I had just opened my new iPhone 5 case to discover an entirely new charge adapter. I was not happy about this at all. I was already heavily invested in the old adapter “accessories” like chargers, clock alarms, games, Bose Audio devices, etc. Why the change?

Because it’s better.

Just like button flies are superior to traditional zippers. (Don’t get me started!)  See Seth Godin’s take here.

In addition to the new adapter, the bigger screen was awkward … at first.  But after a week or two, I realized it, too, was much better. The mic was closer to my mouth, there was more screen size, the resolution was better, etc. The phone is faster and has more in-demand features.  It's way better than the iPhone 4, just like the 4 was way better than the iPhone 3.

So what does this teach us about our own brand and how we market our brand? Evolve.

When we design web sites for clients I tell them (to their surprise) that their site will need lots of work AFTER launch. Why?  Because we are not perfect. Intake from the client is not perfect.  However, real live feedback and stats on customers' actual online behavior tells us where we need to evolve by enhancing our ideas, delivery, message, offer, graphics, and marketing approach. It is only by committing to continually evolve your brand in accordance with customer behavior that your website can become truly excellent.

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