What is a Landing Page? Why are they a critical part of your online success?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team August 03, 2012

The Internet these days has become more and more about getting to the point. When people search for "pizza delivery" on their mobile devices, they want Google to figure out what they want for them. People don't want to have to figure out what pizza choice might be best by sifting through a bunch of content and pricing points and making a calculated decision. They expect search engines to do that for them these days - and that is exactly what Google aims to do.

A Landing page gets to the point, and if you haven't included them in your marketing strategy yet then you are potentially missing out on a lot of conversions on leads. Please - let me explain.

Content Marketing!
Content Marketing!
Content Marketing!

Inbound Marketing!  
Inbound Marketing!
Inbound Marketing!

To appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs), you first have to have content in place. Content that is optimized for the search engines, content that is quality, and content that converts. The strategic development of a landing page does all of that.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a pretty simple concept. It is the page you are brought to once you click a link, whether it be from the organic listings, for a pay-per-click web advertising campaign, or from another web site. It could be your home page, your contact page, a coupon page, or any page really. When you bring in the concept of online marketing however, the strategy of landing pages uses many more tactics.

Landing Pages could & should do many different things:

  • Focus on a certain product or service
  • Target an array of different keyword phrases related to that product/service
  • Have a simple, yet clear call to action
  • Be one of your highest converting pages
  • Inspire interest and the desire to learn more
  • Rank well in the search engines
  • Be your targeted page for conversions through pay per click campaigns

Landing pages can be fairly simple, or they can get really complex. Overall, the best landing page will always let the visitor do what they came to your website to do right away, whether it be performing a search, finding a quote, or simply learning more information.

With The ImageWorks Studio Landing Page Plans You Will Be Able to..

  • Develop a landing page that increases conversions. One that takes them directly to your specials or offers
  • Have captivating images and interactions module like "Sign up now!" or "Schedule Meeting Now!"
  • Calculate the Conversion Rates of the Landing Pages
  • Split test different headers and content with website optimizer
  • Event tracking to see where it is your customers are clicking to find out information or get in contact with you

Don't lose customers to their favorite TV shows or computer crashes by making them search your entire website for what it is they are looking for. Get your landing pages ranking well in the SERPs and the main focus of your PPC campaigns. Visit our landing page packages page to learn more about pricing and strategy today.

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