What type of “Creative Agency” is right for your Business?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team October 13, 2017

I know what it takes to successfully launch and market a business.

We began in 1996, referring to Image Works as a “studio.” But, instead of prospects reaching out for our online web, branding and marketing skills, they were calling for us to shoot a film. Getting mixed up with the Sony ImageWorks brand caused a tad bit of confusion, and we decided to change our name in early 2000 to ImageWorks Creative – and since then, we’ve been crystal clear that we’re a full-service creative agency.

We know there are a plethora of “creative agencies” serving various markets from web design to marketing to art to PR and (much) much more.

So, at best “creative agency” is a vague term, but it aligns us in the general sector that we identify with – and businesses need.


When choosing an agency, most businesses seek the following:

•    Web Design Agencies

•    Marketing Agencies

•    Branding Agencies

•    UX / Design Agencies


Let's dig into that a bit:

Branding agencies usually focus heavily on strategy, and you need to do that before you can begin to create any type of media. Branding is more than your logo or colors – Its everything that entails the brand experience, and that includes your website design.

So, you need an agency that can help you plan your brand AND web strategy, as well as design and produce required deliverables.


Could you hire them separately?


Of course, but it's not recommended because synergy is everything!


And when you have 3-4 opinions from various agencies, things can get a bit cloudy and out of synch. And when things go south, you get fingers pointed in all directions.

Ok, so you want an agency the can handle branding and website development and align them with your strategy and conversion goals.  

But, what about marketing?

You just spent a lot of time creating a remarkable brand experience across multiple media channels, and you’re ready to tell those that fit your target audience.

So, what type of agency do you need?

You need a full-service agency that provides the following:

  • Branding
  • Web
  • Marketing

Because your marketing strategy starts with the planning phase and integrates goals into Analytic tools as well as the media created, a full-service creative agency simply makes the most sense.


When we start a project, we define our goals right after Discovery.

Those goals set the pace for everything we do and allow us to measure the success. If something isn’t right, you won't have a three-way tug of war, but you’ll get a solution.

That is why we highly recommend you choose a full-service agency.

Make sure you can track and measure your conversions. It is also important to remember that you will undoubtedly have pitfalls.


User experiences can always get better.

Marketing and advertising can always get better. Look at Apple, Nike, Target – they are always pushing the envelope and evolving the brand experience as well as their marketing outreach.

Sometimes you may need to try several advertising options before finding out which works best for your unique business.

Our agency can work with you, measure online and offline customer behavior and adjust your goals and the design of the experience so that you are always evolving.


Always improving – that’s the goal.

And we’re here to help make that happen for your business.


Scott Margenau


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