When Is Your Business Ready For A Custom Website Design?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team November 02, 2016

When you began cultivating your brand’s online presence, you were probably like most businesses starting out – on a marketing budget with no wiggle room. But, as your business grows, you've seen the value (and conversions) that come with having a website.

These days you might be thinking it’s time to amp up your online presence with a custom website design, and gain even more leads, conversions, and traffic. Or is it? Here are a few signs that your business is ready to take the web design of your site to the next level.


You’ve noticed a drop in traffic

Seeing past successes with a template or simple web design that someone in your office created for cheap doesn’t guarantee that it will keep working to your advantage. And while there may be nothing wrong with it per say, in many cases it’s simply a matter of your competition doing it better and paying more attention to quality. 


You want to give your customers more (and they expect it)

Customers expect A LOT from business websites today, and if you don’t give it to them – they’ll go somewhere that will. And you’ll need more than easy to navigate pages and an attractive design. People expect to pay for the service, schedule the appointment, buy the product, correspond with the staff via live chat, learn about your company, and more, all from their smartphones and tablets.


You want to be taken seriously

Potential customers aren't as trusting as they once were when it comes to giving out personal information, and if your site looks like it came out of a box, it can easily be mistaken for spam. Because anyone can toss up an okay looking site these days, you'll need a custom website design if you want to be taken seriously as a professional business online.


You want to rise above the noise

A custom website design will be better optimized and more efficiently run than a basic template or theme. This gives you an edge when it comes to rankings because you’ll be catering to customers and search engines. You need both humans and bots to understand the purpose of your site, as well as the location you're targeting in order to be found easily on the pages of Google.


You’re about to branch out on social media

It's vital that your brand's online marketing components compliment one another. If you're about to branch out on social media or take on a new platform, you'll need a unique style to showcase the fact that you're different from all of the like-businesses out there. This should come across in emails, social media, website designs, and lead magnets to ensure that people know the source of the information, and where to go to get more of it.


So, if you’re ready to take the leap and invest in an impressive custom website design, all you have to do is call (800) 308-8573 or fill out our handy contact form – yep it's that easy. 
(You do realize this means you need to prepare for more leads and conversions.) And the best part is we're offering a free social site design with any new project!

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