Your best marketing tactic is right before your eyes. Can you see it?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team November 05, 2015

Anyone remember when Gatorade had just two flavors? Then a few years later, they added a third. Impressive, right? But sales skyrocketed. Consumers couldn’t get enough of the new fruit punch flavor.  

Umm, Gatorade, why did it take you decades to add the plethora of flavors that we see today?

#Gatorade is not alone. I’m looking at you OATMEAL.

Why did I have to suffer through a childhood of one or two lame flavors? Now the grocery aisles are littered with innovative flavors like Snickerdoodle, Pistachio, and Banana Bread. I mean, come on! Didn’t anyone see Baskin Robins in the 80s? Everyone loves having choices!

This brings me to the latest in-your-face, can’t-miss, silver bullet marketing idea that has taken off like wildfire. Remember Adam Sandler in #BigDaddy? He misses the breakfast cut-off time at McDonald’s by just a few minutes in an epic scene. (If you haven’t seen this, stop reading immediately and watch it here.)

McDonald’s, after decades of serving breakfast for just a few hours a day, had this brilliant idea: serve breakfast all day! Duh! The result? They’ve nearly doubled their daily breakfast sales.

So the gist of this is obvious now. Sometimes the best way to increase revenue and/or market share is right before your eyes. You just need to think differently, laterally. What could you change about your services or products to make them different and yet the same? Simple changes often lead to the best ROI compared to all other tactics.

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