Internet Marketing

What Can Business Owners and Marketers Learn from Beer Pong?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team March 01, 2011

Well, a few creative examples come to mind:

  • Determine next year’s marketing budget based on the simple formula of 2% gross sales x the number of ping pong balls you successfully land in half-filled cups of a tasty medium-bodied beer, or
  • hold a “Beer Pong Shootout” to determine which employee deserves a promotion.

While both ideas would make for a fun office party, that’s not exactly what we have in mind.

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You Might Need a Website Redesign If…

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team February 07, 2011


Thanks to Jeff Foxworthy, we can recognize the signs that someone “might be a redneck,” but do you know the signs that indicate you might need a website redesign? Sooner or later it’s bound to happen: you’ll be faced with the uneasy feeling that your website might be due for a redesign.

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