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Understanding Local Search Results…Well, Kinda, Sorta

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team September 28, 2011

You know, it’s just plain confusing. …Let’s be real. I mean first we have the new insta search, then PPC (pay-per-click) ads for the first three spots…then more ads on the right side…then the organic listings of the term you were TRYING to search for…but WAIT>>>> what about the new Maps listings?

(Thank you, Google, for moving the Maps icon to the right and not pushing my results even FARTHER down the page!)

Raise your hand if any of that rant made sense!

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Mr. Google has Retired His Tags!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team May 04, 2011

And Mr. ImageWorks creates a new program to leverage this for your business!

We are talking tagging that allows local businesses (and non-local with multiple locations) to promote their business and rank higher in local search results marked by the famous “red balloon.” No, this is not a reference to Nena’s “99 Red Balloons” from the ‘80s, although we do like the song for “’80s night.”

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Why use Video?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team April 26, 2011

Why should your company use video to communicate and educate your customers?

Here are a few quick facts that may surprise you:

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