19 Social Media Post Ideas for Your Creative Slump

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team May 09, 2018

Here at ImageWorks, we understand that it’s hard to come up with creative and engaging post ideas for social media channels day after day. Sometimes the ideas just run out! That’s why we’ve created this blog post as an "idea jump starter".  Here are 19 blog post ideas that will help you out of that creativity slump!

1.Ask a Fun Question

Think of a question that your followers would enjoy answering. For example, we manage the Facebook page of a nearby restaurant. A few days ago, I posted this question “If you were on a desert island and could have an unlimited supply of only one of our menu items, what would you choose?”. This post performed better than 85% of all other posts on that page so far; customers had so much fun commenting their favorite food items from this restaurant! This technique is far better than just telling your customers week after week that you have a new 10% off coupon. Engage with your followers and let them have fun!

2. Share a Quote

Quotes, funny or serious, related to your industry tend to perform well. Find quotes that give some value to your followers and you will be rewarded.

3. Link to a Blog Post (Old or New)

This is a great idea to promote blog posts on your website. If you don’t currently run a blog, we highly recommend it! This is also a good way to keep old content from getting stale. Keep creating great content and share it with your followers.

4. Post a Meme or Funny Image

This is another fun way to connect with your audience-show them you have a sense of humor!

5. Host a Poll or Survey

Letting your followers vote on a poll or survey allows followers to feel more involved with your page. Ask anything (as long as it’s somewhat related to your industry) from “What’s your favorite color?” to “Which new product are you most excited about?”

6. Share Some Statistics

Bring up some interesting data related to your industry. Your followers might be surprised to hear about it and glad you brought it up!

7. Share Some Resources

Again, quality content is all about creating value for your followers. Link to some great resources to help them with some of their challenges.

8. Post Fan Photos

This is another post idea that really increases engagement and lets your followers feel involved.

9. Share Knowledge with “Life Hacks”

Share some great tips and tricks related to your industry!

10. Share a Fun Fact

Share a crazy, strange, or even just thought-provoking fun fact. This should get your followers active and commenting.

11. Host a Giveaway

Besides posting quality content, hosting a giveaway is one of the best ways to earn followers. For example, if you own a pizza place, you could host a giveaway: Every Facebook follower is entered into a drawing for a free week’s worth of pizza dinners. This motivates people to follow your page and you should see a big increase in the number of followers.

12. Answer a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

If one of your customers have a question, it’s likely that others do too. Post the answer to a commonly asked question-it’ll have more impact than you think!

13. Spotlight a Star Employee

This is a great way to personify a company. Show your followers the faces behind the name, and spotlight one of your best employee’s achievements and interests.

14. Host an AMA

An AMA is an “Ask Me Anything”. Back to the pizza place. You could have your head chef post on Instagram: “I’m the head chef of Antonio’s Pizza. Ask me anything.” Now your followers can ask questions in the comments, and your head chef will personally answer them. This connects your followers to your brand.

15. Share Video Clips

Video is some of the best performing content out there! If you have any interesting video clips of your company, products, or employees, consider sharing them.

16. Interview a Customer

Interview a loyal customer and ask them about their life and why they like your brand.

17. Share a Throwback Photo

Post a photo of your company office in its early stages, or your CEO when he was 5.

18. Highlight a Customer of the Month

Feature a customer every month and give them some sort of gift as well (Free pizza slice, anyone?).

19. Thank Your Customers for Their Support

We know that if it wasn’t for customers, our businesses wouldn’t be here at all. Take time to thank your customers for their support and consideration, and really mean it. A 25% off coupon wouldn’t hurt either.

There are so many more post ideas out there-this is just a small sampling. We really hope these inspired you to post something new on your social media page!

Remember, there are three principles that you should use to evaluate a social media post:

1. It must bring value to the customer
2. It must allow the customer to engage with our brand
3. It must be personal; no boring corporate-speak

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