2015 Creative Trends - what do they mean for your business?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team March 23, 2015

One of our favorite clients shared an excellent article with me today. Thanks, Old Bust Head - we love you for more than just your delicious local beer!

Besides the great content which shares trends in design, imagery, video and more, along with how these creative elements are used differently across the globe, here are a couple other things to take away from this piece:

  • It’s an infographic…but it's not static. Unlike most infographics, this one is very interactive!
  • There's no shortage of animations. Notice how the infographic uses HTML5 to load images and movement throughout the presentation. This helps you focus on each “scene.”
  • It incorporates small looped video as background. As bandwidth grows, our ability to use video without major delays is changing. Notice how videos on your FB feed now play automatically?

You can see the infographic here: 2015 Trends.

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