4 Tips to Increase Customer Loyalty Using Facebook

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team May 07, 2014

Facebook fans can provide free word-of-mouth marketing. If they “like” you (both as a business and on Facebook), you have the power to increase their loyalty to your products or services.

“Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%,”

according to the Harvard Business School.

Focus on these four tips to increase customer loyalty – and ultimately, your profits.

1.     Respond to customers (and do it quickly)

Whether it’s a positive comment or one that rips your business to shreds, you need to respond. Facebook is a great place to create conversation, so it’s important to interact with “fans.” This will give your brand a personality.

When someone has something good to say, respond back – let them know you appreciate their thoughts. When someone says something negative, follow through to make things right. Most importantly, respond quickly, before one bad comment turns into an entire PR crisis.

The stat: 71 percent of customers end a business relationship because of poor customer service. Facebook provides the opportunity to provide both quick and great customer service.

2.     Host contests

The best way to increase loyalty? Make your customers happy. One easy way to do this – contests. Sure, there will be some that are disappointed when they don’t win. But this will keep them coming back for more.

Facebook contests allow you to showcase your products or services while increasing customer loyalty. With all the likes, comments and shares, fans will promote your business for you – creating brand awareness with new potential customers.

The stat: 35 percent of Facebook users like a page simply to participate in a contest. The more contests you host, the more fans you’ll get!

3.     Offer promotions to show your thanks

Similar to contests, promotions are easy, effective and create loyal (and happy) customers. For example, offer a coupon when someone likes your page. Customers can save money, you’ll encourage a purchase and you’ve also gained one more fan.

One tip – make this promotion a limited time offer. That sense of urgency will lead to a quicker sale.

The stat: 42 percent of Facebook users like a page to grab a coupon or receive a discount. With a promotion, customers are likely to make a purchase.

4.     Let them know what’s in the works

Get fans excited about everything you offer by giving them a “sneak peek.” Let them know what products are coming soon or what’s being improved. This will allow customers to feel closer to your brand because they’re getting an insider’s look.

They’ll feel special – plus, you’ll leave them with anticipation of what’s coming next. That wait will make them more excited once it has finally arrived!

The stat: 21 percent of Facebook users like a page while researching for a specific service or product. Facebook is best for communicating with fans, but it also allows you to show off the great things you have to offer!


This article was contributed to our blog by Michelle Smith, a freelance writer with a focus on marketing. She can be found writing on her porch in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. Feel free to get in touch with Michelle via email.

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