Benefits of Digital Marketing Sponsorships

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team October 13, 2015

(This is a guest blog from one of our previous guest posters, Michelle L. Smith).

Digital marketing is paving a new road for many businesses. A variety of companies are looking for ways to get involved with athletes, sports and other organizations outside of their company. This not only boosts employee moral to be tied to a greater cause, but helps boost the companies’ overall image. Here is a closer look at companies who have had success with their digital marketing efforts combined with sponsorships.

Squarespace, a paid platform that helps users create blogs, websites, eCommerce stores and portfolios have taken advantage of the ever-growing podcast industry.

Nearly every month, podcasts have grown to a listening rate of 17 percent of Americans ages 13 and up. With a growing number of listeners comes a growing number of podcast sponsorships. Since each podcast sponsorship requires the sponsor to include a promotional code, Sqaurespace can see exactly where its new users are coming from. Aside from tracking its new leads, podcast sponsorships create positive brand awareness which can be just as important as getting a new lead.

Offering 40 million high quality images, custom email addresses and professionally designed logos, Squarespace provides the creative tools needed to help anyone give a voice to their ideas.

LeafFilter North, Inc. is another example of a company using sponsorships to increase their digital marketing efforts. LeafFilter Gutter Guards proudly sponsors Blake Koch, a member of the TriStar Motorsports driver team. Koch currently pilots the No. 8 Toyota Camry stock car for the NASCAR XFINITY Series.

The #1 professionally installed gutter guard system in America has used its top position in the gutter protection industry and its loyal customer base to back its creation of LeafFilter Racing. LeafFilter used digital marketing to create a website solely dedicated to LeafFilter Racing to drive traffic from a potential untapped audience. Then they began to build out a LeafFilter Racing social media presence to increase the size of their audience even more.

Another unique example of digital marketing sponsorships comes from Centric Consulting. The company provides consulting and technology solutions to their customers. In 2011, Centric Consulting’s office in Cincinnati founded Flywheel Cincinnati, a Social Enterprise Hub that helps nonprofits become self-sustaining through alternate business models.

With 12 locations worldwide, this partnership not only helps the community, but helps drive attention to Centric Consulting. Each nonprofit involved in Flywheel has the opportunity to receive consultations, bringing awareness and new customers to where it all started: Centric Consulting.

Through the use of social media, Flywheel Cincinnati and Centric Consulting cross-promote each business, engaging potential untapped audiences toward each resource.

KPMG LLP is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. Operating in 155 countries with more than 162,000 employees, KPMG has chosen to use its success to further their digital marketing reach.

KPMG is a proud sponsor of golf stars Phil Michelson and Stacy Lewis. With a dedicated website about their sponsorship, KPMG has reached a completely new audience. Michelson and Lewis can be found on the course sporting their KPMG Blue Hat. This hat can also be purchased on KPMG’s website and for each hat purchased, KPMG donates three books to non-profit organization First Book. Not only does this raise awareness for a great cause, but again, reaches an entire new audience for KPMG.

Digital marketing sponsorships are a way of the future. It is important to become involved in the trend as early as possible to reap its’ many benefits.

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