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Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team January 30, 2009

The 4 "i's" of Marketing for Maximized Conversions

Want to Increase your Online and Offline Conversions? Remember your four “i’s”!

  • Impress - So much value is perceived in seconds as clients interact with your online or offline brand. Many will decide instantly that they are not impressed and leave. Make sure your prospects see value in the way your imagery and message are presented…it's vital to the next step in a conversion process.
  • Intrigue - Ok, you impressed've gained a few more seconds of a prospects attention span. They are now much more likely to read or interact…time to set the hook…build value by using benefit-oriented content that caters to your prospects goals. (Not your own, theirs!) I prefer a "transitional header", a header which further describes and entices your audience to read on. Gadgets and interactive media work well also.
  • Inform - Ok, pretenders step aside…now it's time to build real value…and this is done through compelling, informative content. This content must be designed in a scan-able manner, and fused with calls to action so that a prospect can easily interact when they reach the "I'm interested" phase.
  • Interact - Use online forms, phone prompts, kits, webinars, landing pages, links, and anything that might encourage your customers to convert. Make sure this information is populated in your CRM or email database.

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