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Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team October 27, 2011


With all the Search Marketing trinkets out there, it can get overwhelming for small businesses to manage and maximize their search and social campaigns. Google has added one more item to their ever increasing repertoire, but this time, you don’t need to rack your brain—we do!

ImageWorks has joined Google Engage – a program built for agencies just like ours. And the kind folks at Google have given us a STACK of FREE $100 COUPONS to try out their products.  And we are happy to share these with you!

Pay Per Click Advertising is one killer way to get your business found. Benefits include:

  • A small initial investment -  you only pay for the users that click the ad.
  • It’s realistic for all sizes of businesses -  a level playing field is creating for the smaller guys.
  • Immediate results - search engine rankings take months to get desired results. PPC starts to pay off the day your ad is set up.
  • Real-time tracking - measure effectiveness of keywords, ad traffic, ad conversions, etc.
  • Targeted traffic - use geo-targeting combined with our keyword research to target your viewers.
  • Branding - top placement on Google is an effective branding method.

To sweeten the deal we are MATHCING GOOGLE’S offer and will pay another $100 of your pay per click traffic when you sign up for our PPC Campaign Plan.  Sign up before the end of the year to receive $200 of free Pay Per Click advertising.

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