Google Business Profiles Websites are Going Away in March

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team March 08, 2024
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In digital marketing, businesses count on Google Business Profile Websites as a crucial part of their online presence. However, there is a major shift on the way. Google Business Profile websites will no longer be available after March 5, 2024, affecting many organizations.

This transition comes with challenges and opportunities, requiring businesses to adapt quickly in order to maintain online presence and effectively communicate with customers.

This news has left many business owners wondering what this means for their online presence and how they can adapt to this change.


What is a Google Business Profile Website?

Google Business Profile websites are important for businesses, providing an easy and convenient way to create an online presence.

These websites were automatically generated by Google based on the information provided in a business's Google Business Profile. They served as a basic online hub, displaying essential information such as business hours, contact details, and customer reviews.


Details About the Shutdown

As of March 5, 2024, Google Business Profiles will no longer be available. Any attempts to access them will result in temporary redirection to the associated Google Business Profile.

This redirection will remain active until June 10, 2024. This will provide business owners with a brief window to transition to alternative solutions.

After this date, visitors will encounter broken links and "page not found" errors on these sites. This highlights the urgency for businesses to take immediate action.


The Impact on Businesses:

The shutdown of Google Business Profile websites means significant implications for businesses of all sizes. For many, these websites served as a primary online platform for engaging with customers and showcasing their offerings.

The sudden shutdown demands a rapid response to avoid problems to their online presence and maintain customer trust.

Businesses that rely on Google Business Profile websites might experience reduced online visibility and could lose clients. As a result, they need to effectively handle these challenges to protect their digital presence and keep on growing.

Benefits of Google Business Profile:

  • Easy and convenient way to establish an online presence.
  • Automatically generated by Google based on provided information.
  • Display essential business information such as hours, contact details, and customer reviews.


What Alternatives Do Businesses Have?

While change may cause concern, there are other options available to help businesses maintain and expand their online visibility.

Businesses must create a dedicated website for their business. This approach offers greater flexibility and control over content. Allowing businesses to tailor their online presence to reflect their unique brand identity and offerings.

To achieve this, businesses can explore different options, like website builders or custom web design.

Website templates offered by builders are a quick and easy solution. But we strongly advocate for custom web design. This tailored approach ensures that every aspect of the website aligns with the business's unique vision and goals.

Benefits of a Custom Website:

  • Tailored to reflect unique brand identity and offerings.
  • Greater flexibility and control over content.
  • Establish credibility in your industry with a professionally designed website.


(Note: For a deeper dive into the benefits of custom web design, check out our blog post on the subject.)

In addition to establishing a website, businesses can benefit from implementing a local SEO campaign. Partnering with a reputable marketing agency, such as Imageworks Creative, can streamline this process and maximize results.

Through targeted SEO strategies, businesses can optimize their online presence to rank prominently in local search results. This ensures greater visibility among potential customers in their area.

At Imageworks Creative, we're digital marketing experts, helping companies navigate the online landscape and build strong brands.

We create unique websites for each client to help them succeed in a tough online market by meeting their needs. With our expertise in local SEO and digital branding, we empower businesses to effectively engage with their target audience.



The end of Google Business Profile websites presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses.

A crucial moment for companies to adapt quickly to maintain their online presence and connect with customers effectively. However, this transition also offers a chance for businesses to rethink their digital marketing strategies. And find new ways to showcase their products or services.

Businesses can lessen shutdown impacts and boost online visibility by investing in a website and using local SEO strategies. At Imageworks Creative, we're here to help businesses navigate these changes and thrive in an evolving digital landscape.

Ready to take the next step? We can guide you through the transition with our custom web design and local SEO services. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

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