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Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team June 05, 2020
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As we head into the weekend, you may not know of a small, relatively new holiday to celebrate. Since 2015, National Higher Education Day has been a day to promote higher education options and discuss various related topics, such as tuition and accessibility. Preceding the celebrations on June 6, we thought we’d highlight a few of our clients that know their way around the complexities of admissions and transcripts.

How ImageWorks Clients Help Higher Education Seekers

Higher Admission

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Higher Admission brings price discovery forward in the extremely complex and outdated college admission process. The idea behind Higher Admission comes from several of the founder's personal experiences. Seeing his retail employees lament over college applications and his confusion over how his high-achieving daughter was worrying about her own applications, inspired Higher Education’s founder to flip the script. Knowing that a small group of elite students and athletes are routinely courted by schools, he wondered if that concept had broader applications: might there be a way that schools could apply to students?

Higher Admission’s founder wanted that experience - access to colleges who are willing to compete with each other for a student’s attendance - for all students who are motivated to attend a four-year, accredited school.

See the work we did for Higher Admission in our portfolio.

National Student Clearinghouse

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Thousands of high schools rely on the National Student Clearinghouse for continuing collegiate enrollment and degree information on their alumni. They also work with high school districts and state education offices. Outreach programs depend on the Clearinghouse to accurately assess the educational achievement of outreach participants.

The Clearinghouse services help institutions meet their growing compliance, administrative, student access, accountability, and analytical needs. Most U.S. postsecondary institutions rely on the Clearinghouse’s verification and reporting services as well as their one-of-a-kind StudentTracker research service. The Clearinghouse is also the nation’s largest provider of electronic student record exchanges and postsecondary transcript ordering services.

See the work we did for National Student ClearingHouse in our portfolio.

ImageWorks is glad to have lent a hand to organizations that help so many better themselves through education. Whether you’re in the world of higher education or not, ImageWorks Creative can help you elevate your brand’s story and bring in conversions with data-backed marketing.

By Jordan Latham

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