Remarketing: Why It’s a “Must-Do” Marketing Tactic

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team January 24, 2017


It takes a user approximately 5 to 7 exposures to your brand before they really take notice, and when they do your chances of a conversion become much more likely. But how do you do this?

Most web users will go to a website, and leave. 93% actually. 7to 10% may interact, as those are the “buy now” users whom we all love so much! Still, 93% are still waiting to be educated, impressed and encouraged to act.

Enter Remarketing.

Remarketing focuses on the users that actually have been to your site. These are the users most likely to convert and become customers, so it’s imperative to have a plan to nurture and bring them back to your site.

Google’s Remarketing Program is very, very cool. It allows you to advertise to your site visitors as well as those with similar online interests on major sites such as Amazon, YouTube, major news sites, and most mainstream sites in Google’s large network.  Better still: you can build upon your target using personas and habits that match you target customers.

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