The Social Video Starter Guide

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team October 21, 2014

Guest post and infographic contributed by Ivan Serrano.

Today's content marketers have a bevy of ways that they can promote their brands from social media platforms to blogs. Most marketers already understand the importance of SEO friendly content to build visibility and authority and social networks to improve brand awarenessand customer relations. Still, many are underutilizing one of the most powerful pieces of content available – videos.

Today, video creation is no longer the complicated and labor-intensive process it once was. In fact, it has never been easier to create and share videosthanks to the abundance of cheap video editing software and video sharing sites like YouTube. And the number of online viewers is growing, even edging out traditional TV viewing. The reason behind this is mainly due to the incredible growth of social platforms and its video integration capabilities. Since most companies are already on social media – around 90 percent to be exact – it's essential for brands to set themselves apart in the already cluttered newsfeed. When compared to traditional updates and images, consumers were actually 37 percent more likely to engage with social content that includes videos.

Besides sharing videos on your site and social profiles, you should also focus on how you can utilize the built-in audiences on these video sharing sites. The infographic below can provide you with some information on the best ways to leverage these sites and what content you should have in your videos.


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