Take a Risk and Win Big with Your Content

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team May 12, 2015

As social media users welcomed May, an April 30th meme reminded us of NSYNC's hit, "It's Gonna Be Me," (#ItsGonnaBeMay) and fans and brands everywhere shared pictures and Tweeted to celebrate "Star Wars Day" (#MayThe4thBeWithYou). But before we head into Frog Jumping Day (yes, it's real!), let's pause for a moment to learn from some brands that used another not-quite-holiday to take some risks in April.

Contently's April round up reminds us that on 4/20, it wasn't just stoners and stoner brands (Denny's, anyone?) who Tweeted about marijuana. Even unlikely culprits like Appebees, Pepsi, and The Body Shop shared some celebratory, weed-inspired posts - a risk we hadn't seen taken by family-oriented brands in the past.

Of course, those are just Tweets and status updates - things that are quickly forgotten as social media newsfeeds race ahead faster than our fingers can scroll. This begs the question: when are we going to see companies taking big risks with big content?

Marketers are in love with content for one reason: good content gets attention. It gets shared. It sticks in consumers' brains and inspires loyalty, trust, and affection (staples that all brands hope to cultivate). As more and more companies devote their resources to developing content, the ones who take risks are the ones most likely to succeed.

Take a look at Contently's round-up to see which brands are already risking it all to produce truly creative content, and take a good look at your own content to see how you might be able to venture away from your safety net and into uncharted territory.


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