Tips to Create a Winning Social Media Advertising Strategy

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team November 30, 2023
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Digital marketing has come a long way with numerous transformative technologies disrupting the advertising industry in just the past decade alone. Today, social media marketing and social media advertising provides entirely new platforms and methods to reach thousands, if not millions of users simultaneously.

Devising a winning social media strategy can have a major impact on the success you generate online. From working with a Facebook advertising agency to immersing yourself in the process of garnering a following and establishing a community, there are many advantages of social media advertising that can help you accomplish your business goals and objectives.

What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising typically refers to any form of paid marketing that is conducted on a social media platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, X, or even TikTok. Social media advertising can include launching individual campaigns with the use of platforms such as Google Ads, or turning to a professional Instagram advertising agency such as ImageWorks Creative, based remotely out in Ashburn, Virginia, for a more robust and personalized campaign.

Advantages of Social Media Advertising

Using social media advertising campaigns is not only a way to establish visibility for your business and brand online, but it also allows you to maximize your reach during the process.

With paid and premium social media advertising campaigns, you are no longer restricted to unpredictable algorithms. Advanced advertising platforms make it easier than ever to target specific demographics and users based on interests, gender, location, and even previously visited websites.

Paid social media advertising campaigns are useful for those who are interested in monitoring the effectiveness of a campaign with the use of A/B testing and retargeting campaigns. Using fully integrated social media ad platforms is essential to optimize the process of both A/B testing pursuits and retargeting campaigns, as it is now possible to conduct these with automation solutions.

Opting for paid social media advertising can also help streamline the effectiveness of previously posted organic updates that performed well.

As paid content begins to outperform organic content across the board, regardless of the social network you use, investing in paid social media advertising can render your desired results.

Understanding the benefits of paid advertising on social media is one of the most important aspects of launching a successful campaign.

Types of Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is an ever-evolving industry, with new platforms and media-streaming methods being released to the public each year. Familiarizing yourself with some of the most popular types of social media advertising can help you choose a strategy that is most appealing to your target audience.

Traditional Text and Image Ads

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Promoting your website, business, or brand with the use of traditional text and image ads is one of the most popular forms of social media advertising. While static images are not as immersive or engaging as videos or live streams, they are familiar and comfortable, which may be important, depending on who you intend to target.

Video Advertisements

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Video ads have become one of the most popular and trendy mediums for marketing and sharing information about products, services, or brands online. Video ads can be entertaining, informative, or professional to help shape the image that others have of your brand, and tend to play right before, or after a video plays, such as on YouTube.

Sponsored Content

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Investing in sponsored content is a great way to connect with social media influencers while also promoting your brand through long-form videos or live streams.

Ads in the Story Feed

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With the advent of Stories on numerous social media platforms, you can work with influencers or with your own official social media pages to create interactive videos and slideshows that promote your products or services uniquely and tend to play after you've viewed a few story posts on Instagram mobile.

What to Avoid When Creating a Social Media Advertising Strategy

Knowing what to avoid when it comes to building a social media presence is also key. When you are just getting started with social media, it's important to identify your target audience. Creating a campaign that is too widespread can result in overspending without seeing optimal results.

It's important to avoid posting too frequently when building a social media strategy, as this may appear as spam or as unsolicited material to prospective customers, resulting in the loss of a follower.

How Does Social Media Advertising Work?

Getting started with social media advertising is possible by bidding on specific ads and by targeting a set user group, based on demographics that are most relevant to your business and brand.

For some social media advertising platforms, you can set a daily spending limit, while others will require you to bid on each click or visitor you receive from the system itself. Social media advertising is possible by familiarizing yourself with the following steps:

Setting a budget and timeline: With certain platforms, such as Google Ads and Meta, it is possible to set a specific spending budget and timeline for individual campaigns you are launching.

This will prevent you from overspending while allowing you to easily monitor the progress and results of campaigns on an individual basis.

Targeting specific demographics: Choosing which demographics you will target can help hone in on the right audience, preventing you from promoting your brand to users who have no interest in your products or services.


Teaming up with a social media advertising agency such as ImageWorks Creative is a way to take advantage of forward-thinking digital marketing technologies.

Learn from the experts how to launch a winning social media campaign while monitoring valuable historical data in real time.

Creating a winning social media advertising strategy is not always an overnight process, but it is possible with a deeper understanding of the platforms you have available at your disposal.

If you are ready to get started with a successful social media advertising strategy, working alongside the right Instagram or Facebook advertising agency can make all the difference.

Interested in accelerating the growth of your own business and online brand?

At ImageWorks Creative, we can help streamline the growth of your business with an ideal campaign that is perfect for your target audience. Want to learn more? We'd love to hear from you today!

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